Sancho Aclaro

Started the Taxshop Business in Pasadena, Ca in the early 1970's. His clients ranged from family and friends and quickly grew to wide variety of clients all over.  



Call: 1-800-829-1513

Evelyn Aclaro Mercado

Tax business was passed to Evelyn Mercado in the 1980's after the passing of Mr. Aclaro.  During this time Evelyn grew her own client base from her father clients and her existing circle of family and friends.  Eventually Evelyn attained the license of an Enrolled Agent and solidified her tax expertise with all her clients.  

Cel Mercado - Tax Preparation Services 

I have been involved with tax return preparation since the family business started by my grandfather back in 1970 in Pasadena, CA. Then continued to learn more extensively from my mother and after the passing of Evelyn Mercado (Mom) in 2002. But i have been preparing taxes in the 90's and officially in 2002.
Tax Preparation services done in Woodland hills.  Income Tax Preparation is key part of the business.